03 July 2014

TS Arthur -- I'm Not a Fan

Forecast path, TS Arthur

Anyone living on the east coast is pretty well aware, by now, that there is a storm brewing off the coast of Florida. What started out as a "possible" tropical depression, quickly escalated to a tropical storm with potential of "hurricane"-like proportions. Well, folks -- that Arthur is a jerk!

We should have had our bags packed, and have been heading out the door for Camp Lejeune at noon today. Two nights away from town, away from the house, with housekeeping, free hot breakfast, the beach and LL Cool J on Friday night, accompanied by fire works. Thats what we should have been heading for. And instead ... we are staying home.

M and I kept an eye on the storm, and its projected path, and noticing that its supposed to come up the coastline, while never actually making landfall, we knew that Jacksonville was going to be a wet mess for most of Thursday, at least, if not Friday, as well. Which would make our two hour drive, with two impatient kids in the back seat, horrendous. We'd be stuck in the hotel room, or braving getting soaked, all of Thursday afternoon and evening, and possibly into Friday. Chances are the beach would be a wet sandy mess. And if the rain kept up, there would be no fireworks, no performances, not fun to be had.

So what was the point?!

So we cancelled our reservations, M has decided he might as well go into work on Friday, since he was scheduled for it, and get paid double time. And the kids and I are going to hang out around the house. WE might try looking for a local parade or something to see in the morning, and we'll be keeping them up Friday evening to catch the local fireworks ... but I feel like we're missing out a bit.

I know I'll get over it ... the beach isn't going anywhere, and we can head down any weekend we have off, really. We will see that sandy goodness again before the season is over. I guess I just had my heart set on planting my butt in the surf, watching the kids dig shells and jump waves, only to go back to our cooled-off hotel room and crash for a few hours before joining the madness that is Camp Lejeune 4th of July festivities.

So TS Arthur?! You suck -- thanks for canceling our weekend. Hopefully we'll find something fun to do, in spite of you, and you can just keep on trucking past us! {Seriously though -- why couldn't it have been any other weekend?! Ugh!}


  1. Boo!!!! I'm so sorry your weekend plans were nixed due to weather.

  2. Aww. That really sucks! I'm sorry that the storm ruined your weekend plans.. :/ With a storm off the coast, the beach wouldn't be much fun. Hopefully you're able to plan a make-up trip soon.

  3. This dang hurricane ruined my 4th of july plans to Syracuse too! Cancelled flight...and couldn't reschedule...at least we got a full refund for our tickets.....womp womp. Go Home Arthur...you're drunk! lol