07 July 2014

Chillin Out, Maxin', Relaxin' All Cool: Our Weekend In Review

{Can you name that show?!} 

This weekend was one of those "Stay Home and Relax" kind of weekends. We literally didn't leave the house all day Saturday or Sunday. M was working, and with the Suburban back in the shop, we have been sharing my car. But to be honest? It was kind of nice to just stick around the house the whole time. The hurricane brought in some un-seasonally cool temperatures, and the kids and I spent all our time outside enjoying the light breeze and unlimited sunshine! There was no cleaning. No chores. No errands run. We did, however, bake some peanut butter cookies Sunday morning, before spending almost three hours outside reading and running around the yard. If only every day could feel as wonderful as the past two did! Now lets see if we can make Monday as enjoyable ... and less of a ... well, a Monday!


  1. I love the title of this post! Woo Fresh Prince of Bel Air!

  2. I sang the title of this post... LOL
    I hope Monday is just as good as the weekend! I seriously love low-key weekends. That's great that you got some cooler weather too!

  3. Those types of weekends are much needed sometimes. Doing nothing and just enjoying it!!