09 July 2014

My Teeny Tiny Isn't So Teeny Tiny

It dawned on me yesterday just how grown up L is becoming, and how much of a little man he has become. No longer is he my roly-poly little baby, squishy cheeks and gummy smile. He's full of personality. Smart as a whip. Daring and brave ... and scares the pants off this Mama with his tricks. His smile melts my heart, and his frown instantly makes me sad. He runs away from me when I try to give him a kiss. Grabs his Daddy's hand and asks to stay with him instead of always clinging to Mommy. He easily verbalizes what he wants, and most of the time, knows where it's at and how to get it on his own.

My little boy sits by himself for hair cuts, letting them run a razor around his ears, trim up his hair, and patiently waits for the lollipop he knows is awaiting him. He climbs out of his big bed every night, peeking under the door to see who he can get to entertain him, and how long it will take before someone comes to put his mischievous behind back in bed. He's a helper, and a good listener -- although the "two's" are starting to really set in and his selective hearing is progressively getting worse.

Especially when I ask him to clean up his messes.

He's opinionated. He's stubborn. He's sweet ... and cunning. He's charming and loveable, and thankfully, he still loves to snuggle his Mama. There are a few times when he still reaches out his hand and needs me to help him, but for the most part, my little boy who once needed Mama for everything, now acts independently, getting where he wants, when he wants, with whatever he wants.

This little love of mine? It dawned on me yesterday, as he asked me if it would be okay that he tagged along with Daddy for a haircut instead of coming with Mom to grab a few things, that he's not so little anymore. He's two and a half ... and coming into his own, now.

And this Mama? She'd like to slow time down ...