10 July 2014

Meals Of My Younger Years

{S and Spaghetti - 2011}

{L and Macaroni - 2013}

There's nothing like the smell of apple pie coming from the kitchen.

Or maybe it's meatloaf that brings you back.

Fried chicken. Or collard greens. Pancakes. Grandma's chicken casserole. Whatever it may be, there's always that one meal that reminds you of days gone by. Maybe you haven't had it in ages ... maybe you eat it all the time. Whatever the case may be, you can't help but eat it with a smile. It reminds you of all the simple joys of being young, when there were less responsibilities, life was easy.

When I was a kid, rarely a week would go by when we didn't sit down to the table to find our plates full of macaroni and red sauce, with homemade garlic toast to go with it. It wasn't anything special -- in fact, we often complained about "Macaroni AGAIIIN!?!" The toast was even simple -- not store bought, or frozen .... instead we popped regular sliced bread in the toaster, slapped some butter on it and sprinkled it with garlic salt.

Last night, when I noticed we were missing a few items for the planned dinner, I looked around to see what I could pull together. And do you know what I wound up making? Macaroni. With homemade meat sauce. The kids inhaled it, asked for seconds, and then were ready for dessert. And I found I couldn't sit down to eat until I had a piece of homemade garlic toast there on my plate.

Dessert was great, too ... and received rave reviews ... but for me?! The most memorable was that simple bowl of macaroni and that slice of garlic toast.

Oh yea ... that stuff brings me back!

And clearly, its been in my kids lives for as long as they can remember, too.

So -- what's that one meal that always reminds you of your childhood?! 


  1. I love chicken and homemade noodles. I can't make it but when my mom or grandma are around it's my number one request! That brings me back.

  2. Oh how I love macaroni lol.

  3. Wow! For a second I was seriously wondering when L got earrings....... LOL
    As crazy as it sounds, my grandma used to feed us rice with milk in it. Like cereal. I guess some crazy Cuban meal. That always reminds me of growing up.