01 July 2014

Things We're Looking Forward To: July


Today marks the first day of July -- and soon it will be all red, white, and blue, fireworks, and barbecues everywhere you look. Even though its only one day, and at the beginning of the month, it feels like the whole month should be spent enjoying those delights. I mean, c'mon ... who doesn't love a good fireworks show? So what if it's a random Friday evening? Am I right?! Hopefully this tropical storm/depression that's brewing will either hold off, or veer away from the coast, and we'll be able to start enjoying July in style. This month holds so many fun things!

- fire works
- a beach trip
- seeing LL COOL J perform for the 4th
- homemade popsicles at the picnic table
- a play date at the water park
- DOD's Summer Reading Program
- taking the kids to see Ice Age 4 for the kids' summer movie program
- Fort Fisher
- putting the boat in the river
- fresh, local watermelon

I'm sure July will NOT disappoint. What are you and yours looking forward to this month?


  1. Boat in the water sounds so nice! We've thought about renting one down here. I've been stocking up in watermelon and pineapple! Yum! This month, I'm looking forward to not being pregnant anymore & having a sweet like baby and a few adult drinks. (:

  2. July sounds like an awesome month!!!! :)