30 June 2014

Family, Friends and Food: Our Weekend In Review

Well ... the last weekend of June has come and gone. M wasn't working, but was quite a busy-body, between VA appointments, yard work, and working on the boat, so the kids and I spent a lot of time around the house, or running errands. I spent some time just S and me -- including getting a vanilla milkshake. She was beyond happy about that. I made some watermelon agua fresca, which was delicious. But learned its better to drink it right away -- once it sits its not sweet at all! We made fresh Maine clams -- and M and I enjoyed them in quiet after the kids had gone to bed. There's nothing like fresh seafood! And Sunday, I busted out a tried and true recipe and made an apple pie to go along with our family dinner. I couldn't believe how much both of the kids ate, and still had room for dessert! We spent the weekend soaking up sun, cleaning around the house, and visiting with a few friends. It wasn't overly eventful, but it was busy all the same.

Either way, at this point, all I can think is: "Is it Thursday yet?!" I'm ready to get my feet in the sand!