16 July 2014

She Went Into Her Room 4, And Came Out 16


When S was born, I brought home this sweet little girl. She was a tiny bundle, who just laid in my arms napping, gazing up at my face and every once in awhile cooing. I knew there was a lot I had to learn about motherhood -- and that it was, in fact, an every day kind of learning experience that I was embarking on. What I didn't realize was that in just a few short years, my sweet little girl would morph -- into what seems to me like the sassy, demanding, CRANKY likings of an overly dramatic teenaged girl.

The Top 10 Reasons I'm Convinced I'm Raising A Teenager Already: 

1. Every time I turn around, she's stealing my phone and trying to check things on Facebook or turning on Pandora. She knows how to navigate all the games, other programs, and texting on the phone, too.

2. She insists on picking out her outfits, which all must be fashionable and "cute".

3. She's sassy. She screams A LOT. And one of her favorite words is NO. Still.

4. "Ugh ... would you hold on and just let me make a decision?!" -- That one can speak for itself!

5. She half-asses anything Mom asks her to do. "Clean your room, please." Only the bare minimum. "Can you get me the ketchup out of the fridge?" She looks at what she can see without moving anything, and then claims its not in there, and doesn't exist and goes in the other room.

6. She can easily tune out Mom, no matter what's going on, or how loud I get, and focus on the tv.

7. One of her favorite pastimes is slamming her bedroom door.

8. She picks on her younger brother, calling him names, teasing him about things out of his control, and telling him she doesn't like him unless he'll do something for her!

9. She stays awake until all hours of the night, claiming she just isn't tired and can't convince her eyes to close.

10. No matter what I'm doing in public, she tells me to stop, that I'm not allowed, and says I am embarrassing her. Dancing, singing, being silly. And guess what? I keep on doing it. Even more embarrassingly.


Seriously, you guys -- I'm pretty sure that I'm raising a 16 year old, trapped in my sweet little 4 year old's body. Does that mean at 16 she will start acting like she's 25? And maybe slightly more responsible and pleasant?! But ... if you had a good laugh reading this, you should check out 13 Signs You've Entered Terrible Threes. I found it as I was looking for an image. And oh LORD -- its great. And still rings true at four!