14 July 2014

Sunshine, Soul Food and Swimming in the Kiddie Pool: Our Weekend in Review

We cooked BBQ ribs. We bought a bunch of kids' books at a local yard sale. We played in the backyard until the sun went down. We tried to see the "super moon" -- but our view was blocked by some tall trees. We battled sleep issues -- and dealt with plenty of tantrums. Par for the course. We continued to eat our gallon-sized bag of fresh picked wild blueberries. We went to church -- where L decided for some strange reason that today wasn't his day, and we wound up picking him up early and sitting in the sound-proof family room for the rest of the service. We went out to lunch -- and had some of the best homecooked soul food on this planet. The collards?! One of the best things imaginable. Yum. And I don't normally eat greens. L couldn't stop eating them off my plate, either! We all took naps. We got out the swimming pool and played in our bathing suits. We even found four little frog-friends on our back porch one evening. Overall, the weekend was made of win -- plenty of time together, plenty of time outside ... now if only we could find the solution to our sleep issues!


  1. I LOOOVE collard greens and ham hock!!!! My mouth is watering now!

  2. Okay YUM!!!!! I want that food now haha.

  3. Her eyes!!! She's going to be a sassy little heart breaker!
    Boy do I miss some soul food!! Your weekend sounds absolutely perfect, and almost makes me wish we were still in Georgia..