06 June 2014

I Spy: L's Bed Edition

I thought -- since it's Friday, we'd do a little something fun and play a game. Remember when you were in school, and it was just before a holiday, or just before the weekend, and teachers would do a little something fun, like a learning game, or activity, just to keep people's attention for the last few minutes/hours of class?! Well, how about we play a game of "I Spy"?

This photo is just naptime -- and bedtime is a little worse with all the things L insists on bringing to sleep with him. It started off as a stuffed animal, and maybe a little blanket, and has seriously snowballed over the past few weeks and months. Granted, if he is sleeping anywhere except his bed, I can usually minimize the madness, and bring it back to just his dog and a blanket. But as soon as his head hits his own bed again, the sleep party returns to normal.

So let's see, I spy, with my little eye:

- a toy hammer
- three baby blankets
- a doll
- an owl shaped {portable} nightlight
- an extra pillow
- a My Little Pony toy
- a book
- a pair of underwear
- an extra pair of shorts

and one very sleepy little boy! The one thing not visible in the picture, that I know without a shadow of a doubt was still there, was a spoon. Buried underneath his pillow. And surprisingly, his dog isn't there either -- when I walked in, he was sitting on the floor next to the bed. Apparently, stuffed dogs make just as good guard dogs as the real thing!

What about you -- what can you find hidden in the boy's bed?!