09 June 2014

Water Play and The Warm Outdoors: Our Weekend In Review

How is it that it's Monday already?! The weekends go by too fast sometimes! But the weather here was pretty nice, and the kids and I spent most of our time sitting around outside, playing, swinging, and reading books. M worked most of the weekend - so we weren't able to spend too much time with him. But we'll make up for it this week. We used Sunday as a bit of a lazy day, hanging out with friends outside while the kids all played and wore themselves out. And our kids spent a good deal of time running around under the sprinkler -- which I'm totally okay with! It means I don't have to fill their little kiddie pool, and then dump it out to put it away when the night is done. I love it even more because I can just turn it off if I notice they aren't playing under it, and turn it back on as soon as they change their mind. With the pool, lately, they've been using it to toss rocks in, rinse sand out of their buckets, and fill up squirt guns, but not to actually sit and play in ... so its kind of been a pain in my backside! At least with them playing so well, I've been able to get some good quality reading time in! And boy, that summer sunshine sure is good!


  1. I love these pictures! There is nothing better than summer sunshine!

  2. How cute are they?? I love weekends outside!