04 June 2014

So What? Wednesday

Life After I Dew

Today, we're saying So What? if:

- S has already started telling us what she wants for her birthday party theme. But it changes every day. So Im going to decide what its going to be, most likely, and convince her she wants that one!

- I am loving that we are a one-{working}-car family right now -- it gives me an excuse to stay home, sit out in the sunshine and read a good book while the kids play. I can't do that while running errands, can I?

- I am just as excited as the kids for Friday. It's National "Donut" Day -- and Krispy Kreme is doing a free donut for each person. We are DEFINITELY planning our day around that!

- S made her Mimi some birthday cards at MOPS yesterday ... and her birthday was in May! Oops -- she must get it from her habitually late Mama! {Sorry Mom -- we're working on your birthday gift, too! It will be in the mail ASAP!}

- I'm not really looking forward to Father's Day. I have NO idea what to do for M ... but to be fair, he didn't really know what to do for me, either. Maybe we'll just cook him what he wants for dinner that day? Lord knows we won't be waiting on him hand and foot!

- I would gladly live in a pitched tent like a homeless person if it meant being at the beach every day. I still can't get over how nice it was Sunday morning to have my toes in the sand, and see how happy the kids were. When are we going back?

- I get annoyed now the SECOND my nail polish starts chipping. Who have I turned into? Up until a month or two ago, I didn't paint my nails ... ever. And now, I can't remember what it looks like to NOT have color on them. Holy CRAP, I'm turning into a girl!

- S rolled her eyes at me the other day, and I didn't get mad. Or insulted. Really ... eye rolling is the least of our concerns right now. I never really understood why people get offended by that so much anyways ... maybe because I was always an eye-roller?! Tell me I'm not the only one!

What are YOU saying "So What?" to?! 


  1. I am ridiculously excited about National Donut Day haha!

  2. Did you decide what you are doing for Father's Day? My husband is going to be out of town for the second straight year so I feel like I am getting off easy...