07 May 2014

So What? Wednesday

Life After I Dew

This week we are saying "So What?" if: 

1. I secretly went through the kids rooms this morning and found 10+ things to throw away/get rid of/sell. They were preoccupied in the living room and had no idea -- and none of the things are items they will even notice or miss. I think this is going to become a habit! 

2. I actually forced my kids to stay outside yesterday afternoon. It was beautiful out -- and yet, they wanted to sit around in the house. After  5 minutes of me telling them "No Cartoons!" they relented and we stayed outside the rest of the night. 

3. Its overcast and very buggy outside today. But we're still hanging out outside. I have a couple small citronella candles burning and the kids are enjoying lollipops. Whatever it takes for fresh air. 

4. I take a small nap on the living room couch every morning about an hour after I wake up. The kids {and therefore myself} haven't been sleeping good lately, and combined with medication, I just feel so tired every time I sit down. 

5. This is the first summer living in NC that I am actually looking forward to. Between beach trips, summer reading programs for the kids and lots of planned play dates already, we shouldn't have to worry about not having much to do! 

6. M is working on Mother's Day. I am still going to have fun with the kids -- church, followed {hopefully} by lunch out and maybe some of the coin-operated rides at the outlet mall that they love so much. As long as they are happy and enjoying the day, then Mommy is happy! 

7. That also means I am cooking my own breakfast and dinner that day, too. At least that means I can guarantee I'll be eating something I like! {Seeing the positive in this!} 

8. I've gotten slightly addicted to the app Quiz Up. Granted, I'm only playing a few different categories, but it gives me something to do in between chores, during temper tantrums, and on long car rides! I only wish they would come out with an MTV category, or a few of the other shows that we watch. Like Sons of Anarchy! 

What are you saying "So What?" to this week?! 


  1. My sister does the same thing with my niece and nephews toys, they are distracted and she gets rid of stuff lol.

  2. I love going through the rooms and getting rid of stuff! Yesterday while setting up V's room, I realized how much crap we have and don't actually have space for. Lots more to be sold or donated!