08 May 2014

Gearing Up For the Beach: Part One

It won't be long before we pack up and head out for a weekend away at the beach. You can't even begin to imagine just how much I am looking forward to this trip -- it may only be a couple days, but even an hour at the beach is worth the drive, in my opinion. M has a sponsored fishing trip, and will be out on a boat enjoying that while the kids and I are living it up in the sand and sun, enjoying all things beach-y and summer-y for a day or two.

But since we'll be staying in a hotel room, and not in a house or condo, meals are a little more difficult. I'd still like to feed my kids the healthiest of options, without breaking the bank by eating out for every meal. The difficult part becomes relying on a microwave to create those "healthy" options.

So here are a few of the things we plan on bringing to make those meals a little healthier and well-rounded:

1. Fresh fruit: Bananas pack easily, and can be eaten both with breakfast, or as a snack on the go. No mess, little fuss. And the kids love them. They are always on our to-pack list. Other kinds of fruit we bring? The single-serving fruit cups packing in 100% fruit juice -- again, they pair great with breakfasts, and can be a refreshing snack in the sun when it gets hot, as well.

2. Canned vegetables: Sure, given the option, I'd much rather eat fresh local vegetables any day of the week. But without having to pack half of my kitchen equipment to steam things in a hotel microwave, this becomes our next option. Just look for vegetables low in sodium, packed in water. Or better yet, go with steamfresh bags! My kids love green beans, corn and broccoli.

3. Easy Mac: I don't know too many kids who DON'T like mac and cheese. And such, there are artificial dyes and flavors, etc. BUT ... given the option, I'd rather my kids eat a small cup of this ONE night, than any of those gross tv dinners that would be the alternative. And paired with veggies and some milk, its a quick meal that I know my kids will eat.

4. Mini Pancakes: The last time I was grocery shopping, I found individual serving size bags of Pillsbury mini pancakes -- the same pancakes my kids love to eat for breakfast here at home. So it was a no-brainer to pick up a couple bags. With a sliced up banana and maybe a few grapes, these will be a quick and easy breakfast that will set the kids up for a long day of fun!

5. Oatmeal: Another breakfast option we'll be sure to pack are packets of instant oatmeal. The flavor varieties are endless, and they are definitely filling. Paired with a cup of yogurt and you have a great breakfast thats quick and easy to prepare!

Our lunches will most likely be sandwiches, with healthier snack options, like Pirate's Booty, more fruit, granola, and goldfish crackers. The kids will be happy knowing they can eat their favorite snacks, and I'll be happy knowing I'm not loading them up on junk or convenience food.

Have you ever packed for a trip, and had to plan your meals around a hotel room microwave?! What healthy options did you throw on your menu?!


  1. Yay for the beach!!!! Oh how I wish I could go back.

  2. When we were living in the hotel here, the kids lived off of easy mac. Not the greatest option, but it was much better than getting them McDonalds for every meal. PB&J sandwiches were also a big one for us.