09 May 2014

We Came Together Over a Boat

We threw on old clothes, grabbed a few scrub brushes, and a bottle of 409. We dragged out the hose, and got to work. Scrubbing, spraying, unscrewing and hammering. Mustering up tons of elbow grease. We were dirty and sweaty ... but it felt good. It felt good to see the progress. And even better, it felt good to work as a team. To know that together, we were getting the task done. Together, we were accomplishing something. Together. He and I. Just the way it was meant to be.

Our anniversary is coming up next week, and I can't help but reflect on how far we've come in these six years of marriage. These six years of working together {and at times, working against one another ...}. But I never would have guessed that cleaning a new-to-us boat would be some of the most 'team-work'-like fun we've had together in a very long time.

Thank you, God -- for bringing us together. For creating this team. For bringing this boat into our lives, this project to tackle together, the way you intended. The way you saw fit in your ultimate plan.

Thank you, God.

Thank you.


  1. I love it! :) The boat is awesome.

  2. This is going to sound so dumb, but I cannot figure out how to get any farther back in your blog than this? I used to be able to, but not anymore!