06 May 2014

Monday = Bad Day


That's how I honestly felt for most of the day yesterday.
Because it was a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day.

The kids didn't sleep all night long. Which means Mama didn't sleep, either.
We all were cranky. In foul moods, and wanted nothing to do with anything.
M called from work with possible bad news -- and soured hope of the day getting better.
As soon as we got outside mid-morning, L fell down and scraped his face on cement.
Which put a damper on any fresh air we might have gotten all day -- he wanted none of it.

Nap-times flew by.
L wanted nothing to do with the outdoors by afternoon. So we were stuck in the house.
By that point, I had a headache, a back ache, and no motivation for anything.
I told M to change his clothes and pick a place to eat. I was NOT cooking.

Dinner was pleasant -- the highlight of the day for us all. But the moment never lasts long.
We got home to dark clouds and the threat of rain, so we cut our playtime short.
The kids cleaned up, but fought bedtime -- and it became a battle. That I eventually won.
S kept getting out of bed, and L kept fussing, so I bounced back and forth all evening.
Once I laid my head down, I thought I was done. I was WRONG!
S continued to get out of bed all night long.
L continued to fuss off and on all night long.
Mama kept on the pattern, and again, got very little sleep.

Today will be different.
Today we have MOPS -- time with adults. Time with friends.
A little break from each other to just play and enjoy.
Today we will get outside, even if L needs to wear a helmet to ensure safety!!
Today will be better -- because its no longer Monday!


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