23 April 2014

Let That Baby Face Shine

Yesterday, I mentioned just how fast kids grow up. In the blink of an eye, they go from wanting nothing but mommy at any moment in the day, to doing things all on their own -- whether we wish they would or not. From riding tricycles to driving cars. And from hating the thought of brushing their hair to shaving off any hair that sprouts up in foreign places.

It's a reality all mothers must face: their babies growing up.

I guess I just didn't realize the "shaving" would happen so soon around here.

And then last week happened, and L got a fun little shaving kids from his Mimi and he just couldn't wait to run that razor across his baby smooth skin, scraping off all the shaving cream he had clumped up on his cheeks. And honestly -- I think M was more excited about teaching L the ins and outs of the "manly shave" that L was!

Oh sweet LITTLE boy of mine ... as cute as you are, perched on a stool in the bathroom mirror, face covered in gel, bare chested and proud, please, PLEASE slow down just a bit. I'm not ready for those first date pep talks, driving lessons and graduation commencements just yet!