22 April 2014

There's No More "Welcome To My Crib ..." In This House

I remember bringing my babies home from the hospital. Laying them down that first night at home, close to my bed in a little bassinet. Just enough room for them to wiggle a little, while bundled in a swaddling blanket, all nice and cozy warm. As they grew, the bassinet became too small to house them, and they transitioned out of Mommy and Daddy's room and into their crib. For the next two years, that crib was their little "nest" -- for sleep, naptime, occasionally as a place to stay out of trouble while Mommy vacuumed or did some cleaning. It was all theirs.

And then they continued to grow. S moved from her crib to a toddler bed around her second birthday. The timing was perfect, since her little brother was well on his way and would need the crib himself in a few short months. She did well with the move from baby bed to big girl bed, and we never really had much of a problem, besides a little fussing that first night alone. Something about being free to get up and roam, to my kids, must have been a bit scary.

Over time, her legs grew longer, and her stuffed animal collection started to take up more space, as well. Soon, there was barely any room for her in that bed, between all the pillows, blankets and buddies. And at the same time, although he was never trying to escape, the crib was getting to be a tight fit for L. He didn't mind being contained, but having to go in his room every time he wanted to get in, or get out, of his bed ... it was a lot.

So last week? We made the switch. L went from the confinement of the crib, to a new toddler bed. He got fun Batman sheets and blankets. We rearranged some furniture. Suddenly, his room took on a whole new feel -- he was a big boy now, and no longer that 10 pound baby I brought home from the hospital. Much like his sister, the transition was smooth. He fussed a few times that first day at naps, and enjoys having a star light illuminating the ceiling. But we have yet to have a day when he has spent nap time elbow deep in the toybox, or clawing his way out the bedroom door. He sleeps, and when he wakes up, and fusses to let me know he's ready. I get in there, and he's waiting patiently on the side of his bed, ready to get out of the room.

In much the same manner, S got an upgrade, as well. Her legs were growing by leaps and bounds, and the bed was becoming cramped, poor girl. So we got her a full sized bed, converted the crib and she now has a real big girl room. She loves the Sofia the First bedding on it, and is often found with Barbies, babies or books, perched on top of the bed, playing and reading. Bedtime is sweet and enjoyable, too. Mommy gets to curl up next to her sweet little girl, read a story, and roll over for some snuggles before turning off the light. I'll admit -- a few times I've been comfortable enough to almost fall asleep myself!

These babies don't stay babies for long, let me tell you that. And now? Now, their beds are proof of just how much they are growing and changing every day!


  1. They certainly grow so fast, if only time would slow down just a little bit.