24 April 2014

Swing, Swing, Swing

As bad as it may sound, its never quite a visit to our house without there being a project or two involved. So last week, with my parents in town, was no exception. Not only did the kids get new beds, like I talked about earlier this week, but they also got a new swing set! Something that we have been looking forward to for a long time now. When the kids were tiny, we had a little Little Tikes swing and slide combo, but now that the kids have grown so much, one step and they were on top of the slide. Sitting down and their legs were already down and on the ground. The swing was useless now, because they were so big. It was time for an upgrade. And boy -- are they loving this in the backyard now. The moment they wake up and hit the floor they are begging to go outside and play! Which is exactly what I wanted! Paired with our bubble table, the sand table we just filled up yesterday, and soon a mini pool, these kids are going to have a great outdoor summer this year! And tans to tell the world about!


  1. They look so happy with their playset!

  2. Lucky!! I want one so bad!! The kids look like they're having such a blast!