01 February 2014

Love & Envelopes: February Birthdays

Recently, I started helping out a little with a fun birthday card swap that I had signed up for last year -- Love and Envelopes. If any of you know Marine Parents, it started out as her project! And its been a blast. While it has changed hands slightly {April is still participating}, we're still having fun and enjoying sending {and receiving} birthday cards! So from now on, around the 1st of the month, you'll be seeing "Happy Birthday" messages here to that months' birthday girls.

This month's HAPPY BIRTHDAY's go to:

February 11: Sheila V.
February 14: Becky L.
February 16: April C. 

Hope you ladies all have a *wonderful* birthday this month, full of love and laughter and loads of celebrating! Why make it just a day -- live it up all month long! 


  1. I love this! Such a fun idea. :)

  2. this has been so fun to do over the past year! :)