03 February 2014

How We Welcomed February: Weekend Recap

It's crazy, isn't it? It seriously feels like we just rang in the new year ... and yet, the first month is over, already! Each day, for us, seemed to drag by. We were dealing with a major transition from M working 5 days a week to 12 hour shift work, and it hasn't been the most pleasant or smooth of goings, unfortunately. Days have been long. M's work assignments have been less than enjoyable for him. But such is the nature of the beast, am I right?

And while he was doing that, we were at home, living. This weekend, we baked donut holes -- complete with sugary glaze and rainbow sprinkles. We mopped the kitchen floor. De-cluttered the living room. Talked about where the snow goes when it melts, while noses were pressed against the windows, watching it all transpire. We watched a lot of cartoons. Snuggled up on the couch together. Bought a few gifts -- birthday and Valentines, both. Made a little craft to mail the Grandparents -- finally!

We folded lots of clean laundry -- and left it folded, piled up on top of the dryer. We chased monsters. Hunted and fought the bad guys. Threw Pappy in pretend jail -- for "being naughty", according to S. Made homemade chicken and wild rice soup that was perfect for a rainy day. Splashed in the bath tub. Went to church. Made a bunch of snacks. Enjoyed some company. And secretly enjoyed watching the Broncos lose the Superbowl.

Like I said, we were here ... living.

How did you welcome in the new month? 


  1. Sounds like a good way to start the month!

  2. Donut holes, yum!! Do you have a recipe??
    I do the same with my laundry. It just sits in the laundry room. I'm the worst at putting it away.

  3. January draaaagggged on for us!!! I hate months with 31 days! Lol. What a fun way y'all brought February in!