04 February 2014

2014 Goals: January Update

In early January, I discussed how I don't make resolutions, but rather I make "goals" each year. To me, a resolution seems so ... strict. Like its only setting you up for failure. Whereas a goal? A goal can be completely open ended if you so choose. There doesn't have to be an end date in sight ... but it still gives you something to strive for ... work towards ... incorporate into your daily life. And I chose the following "vague" goals as mine for 2014: 

So how did January go?! Let's see ... 

Focus on Self

     by living healthier: I got back in the gym, y'all! All of January, we made it a point to get to the gym at least once a week. I strived for twice, but there were a few weeks, for one reason or another, that we just didn't get there both times. I've been trying to cut back on sweets, and have been having an easier time of that ... but the soda! Ugh, I need to work harder there. Lately its been horrible. As I said, its an on-going goal, and I'll work a little harder tomorrow, and the day after that. 

     by spending more time doing the things I enjoy doing: I decided that one of the ways I was going to do things I enjoy, and for myself, would be to treat myself, somehow, every month. So in January, I bought a few new pouches for my purse, to dress things up and organize everything. I also spent some time painting my nails. I got some Starbucks a couple of times. And I started reading more of the magazines that come every month in the mail, like clockwork, but until now, only piled up on the kitchen counter. It meant less time reading books ... but it's  a start. 

     by doing more for my family: I've spent early morning hours snuggled up with S. watching cartoons. I've started singing requested songs to L every night at bedtime. I've let the kids pretend to style my hair and do my make up, and let them play "surgery" on me, too. I've put things away in the evening to curl up on the couch and watch a new movie with M. We've eaten home-cooked meals almost every single night of the month. All little things -- but I've already seen how much the little things can benefit the people I love the most. 

Focus on the Little Things

     by cleaning the house a little each day: I started the FlyLady program, and worked my way through the Beginning Steps. Although there were some tasks that I actually chose not to do, because they just didn't relate to our lifestyle/daily routine ... the things that actually worked to build good habits and routines for cleaning the house? Those I completed and really enjoyed doing them. Now I look forward to what one task is going to be in my email every morning! 

     by paying attention to, and writing down, funny things the kids said or did each day: Oh goodness, do I have some gems written down. I'll be sharing some occasionally in a new series here! But other than the crazy and silly things they've said, there have been some other memorable moments written down, like the day {yesterday} that L peed on the potty twice. Or the day that S swallowed a quarter and had to go to the ER! Life is never dull with little ones, clearly. 

     by reading the 365 Day Love Dare: I can easily say that I've been opening and reading this book first thing every morning, and reflecting on that day's thought as I started my day. Although I haven't stuck with the weekly challenges as much as I should be, I've spent some time praying, thinking, pondering what each "lesson" really means, and figuring out how to best absorb that information and translate it to my marriage. It's coming along nicely! 

Overall, January was a pretty good month for these goals. Most years, January's are for goals and resolutions, though, right? Its the May - Septembers ... and even later when people start to drift and blame life getting in the way. But I'm holding myself accountable here! Hopefully at the end of this month, when I come back to reflect on February's goals, I'll have just as positive a post to write ... and not one full of slipped tasks and goals! 

Have you been keeping up with your New Years goals/resolutions? 


  1. Great job on your January goals! :)

  2. Such great goals and good job working on them! I set goals too, never revolutions! =]

  3. Wonderful goals. I love the little meaningful changes you've started in January. I hope you have the same success in February!