31 January 2014

Fridays Letters


Dear Snow: GO. AWAY. I am tired of opening my blinds and seeing you. I am tired of driving in you. I moved to the south to get away from you. Leave. Me. Alone.

Dear Friday Morning: Please go by quickly. I hate being house-bound, and have been more than my fair share this week. So this week, you, Friday morning, are my enemy. Don't drag your feet. Lets just get you over with.

Dear S: I am so proud of you, learning how to spell your full name! It's a long one for a 4 year old -- and you are doing great! Even better, you are recognizing the same letters in other words, which is awesome! Way to go, you!

Dear Weather Man: You just said it was supposed to get up into the 60s and maybe 70s next week. I Love You. Its about time you give me something good to look forward to. Sounds like we'll be at the park some time on Sunday.

Dear Harris Teeter: Why do you make the process to get a VIC card so long? The cashier offered me one yesterday -- and then told me I had to go to the customer service desk, spend 5-10 minutes getting it and THEN come back to pay if I wanted to get the extra savings. It was almost lunch time. And I had two little ones climbing my leg. Get with it -- my name and phone number is all you need. Can I do it online?

Dear L: Thanks for making it known that only Mommy is allowed to do bedtime. Daddy tried to help me out by coming in to you when you were crying out to him, and you refused his affection. Mommy to the rescue!

Dear Pinterest: You are the best! Our meal of "snacks" for the superbowl will be great, thanks to your plethora of recipes, some old some new. Nachos. Bacon wrapped sweet potatoes. Cheddar bacon dip. Buffalo wings. Yum.

Dear M: Don't get me wrong, I love you, and have loved having you home for a few extra days. But I am so glad you are back to a regular work schedule today. We crave routine around here ... and you tend to throw ours off. But at least you were here yesterday for the massive grocery trip through the snowy roads. Thanks for that!

Dear Denver Broncos: Lose on Sunday, okay? Maybe if you had someone other than a Manning on your team I wouldn't have such a strong dislike for you. Might even rout for you. But you do. So I won't. GO SEATTLE. K?!


  1. I'm rooting for the Broncos, just because of Richard Sherman. What he said after the Niners game was not okay!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  2. I hope you are able to get out of the house!!

  3. I totally love routine, and I get into a strict one when my hubby leaves. When he decides to come home for the weekend while he's TAD, it throws everything off!

  4. Your Super Bowl menu sounds delish! And amen to hoping the snow goes away!! I want winter to be over already.