30 January 2014

You Can Take This Snow And Shove It

I make it no secret that I grew up in New England. All my life, winters started for us in the end of October, and didn't end until spring vacation in April, when the last of the snow finally melted away. The grass was left brown and muddy, but the temperatures quickly warmed up, and the sun started to shine more. I left that all behind in 2008 when I moved to North Carolina. And in the almost 6 years that I've lived here, I can count on one hand how many snow storms we've had to "weather". Yesterday was one of them.

Everyone around us was excited at the chance to stay home from work or school, play in the white stuff and spend time doing what they wanted to around the house. Businesses started shutting down 12 hours before any of the fluff started falling. I got an email from the Dentist's office that they wouldn't open all day on Wednesday. I get it -- really, I do. They don't have the plows, the necessary equipment to man the roads and ensure everyone's safety. So everything shuts down. Stores. Gas stations. Schools. Offices. Everything.

I'm not used to this. Even in the wintery conditions, unless we're under blizzard warnings, or severe ice, not being able to leave the house isn't going to happen in Maine. So forgive me if I have cabin-fever, even after only a day. The kids have been outside to play, even with their lack of wintery-lined boots and ski pants. And now I'm ready for it to melt and start to warm back up.

Snow is for kids, I'm convinced of that. Kids and skiers. That's about it. As for me!? I'll take the sandy, sunny beach any day!


  1. I like snow for one day and that's about it. After that it can move along.

  2. Totally agree that snow is only meant for skiers and kiddos!

  3. I hate snow. Which is why I hate living in New England...lol. I loved California where I could drive two hours north to go to the snow for the day to ski/snowboard, and come back down to the beach when I was tired of it. I could never live in a place with an actual winter...I am convinced of it. I get MAJOR seasonal depression here, and I seriously have to take vitamin D supplements!

  4. I like snow for one day. Then I'm done with it. Looks like it could be a long three years in PA....