07 January 2014

We Have A 2-Year-Old !!!!

L turned 2 on Saturday, the 4th. But because his Daddy was working a 12-hour shift, we opted to just keep things normal that day, and postpone presents and cake for a day when M wasn't working. Monday evening, my father-in-law brought over barbecue chicken for dinner, I had baked and decorated a cake per the birthday boy's request, and the presents were wrapped and set out on the coffee table. L stuffed himself with rice and broccoli, not really caring to touch the chicken. {He's never been our big meat eater!} -- but made sure to leave room for cake!

When it came time to unwrap gifts, he fell so in love with the first one that he opened, that he didnt really care much that there were a few others sitting on the table waiting for his attention. We finally coaxed him away from the Bat Cave, and he unwrapped a couple books, some new clothes, a Doodle Pro {which he LOVES} and a new portable night light. His favorite gifts of all, it seems, were actually the Monsters Inc plastic silverware, that he got two sets of. Such a silly boy -- but he hasn't let them go since opening them, and even clutched them tightly as he fell asleep last night.

Its still hard to believe we now have a 2-year-old little boy. My baby boy isn't really a baby anymore. Although he'll always be my baby! It's a little bittersweet ... but we're enjoying every day, watching him learn and grow!


  1. That cake is pretty cool. Well done! I can't believe he is two. Seems like he was just a baby via reading your blog.