08 January 2014

So What Wednesday

This week, I'm saying So What if ...

  • I don't really think its that cold outside. North Carolina -- buck up! 24 degrees isn't too cold for the kids to be in school, unless you don't have heaters?
  • I actually *enjoy* going to the commissary to shop. And don't care if its right around payday. Call me crazy. It beats Walmart HANDS DOWN!
  • I've had Christmas decorations taken down and packed away for over a week now. And yet, the totes and boxes are still stacked in the kitchen, waiting to be carried out to the storage barn. Oops. 
  • I plan on counting my already-half-read-book {that was started in August} for this month's "book of the month" -- as long as I finish it! ;)
  • I am still wearing yoga pants from my high school dance team days. They are broken in and super comfortable ... too bad they are starting to fall apart. I'll wear them until they are scraps!
  • I baked for M to take to work ... only because I wanted some sweets, but don't need a whole pan for myself. I can just eat the edges, right?
  • I've been eating sweets like its my day job ... but in my defense, I'm just trying to get them out of the house, and not buy anymore ... so I can, you know, start on that whole "Be Healthier in 2014" kick! Who throws away food that costs money, right?
  • I'm looking forward to my DVR filling back up in the next few weeks. It's been a nice break from the tv ... but I'm looking forward to laying on the couch at naptime and doing NOTHING!

What are you saying SO WHAT? to this week?


  1. I agree with the Commissary beats Walmart any day! However, 24 is pretty cold! :) Thats why Im so glad that Im here in Hawaii enjoying the 80° weather. Ill take that any day over cold weather.

  2. I would take the Commissary over Walmart too but I shop at Super Target haha.

  3. Oh man. You're crazy! I'm venturing out to Costco today, to see what that's about, but I avoid the Commissary around payday. It's insane here!!! So bad that I'm going to start trying to meal plan for two-week increments, so that I can shop the day before payday.