09 January 2014

That Time We Sat In the ER For a Swallowed Quarter

Apparently, January 2nd holds a special place in S's 4-year-old heart. 4 years ago, 2010, on that very same date, we spent the whole day in the ER waiting to be told that our 2 month old sweet baby girl had RSV. And because she was so young, there was nothing, really, that they could give her. We were advised to keep her hydrated, make sure her temperature stayed down, and make her comfortable. Eventually it would pass. It did -- after a week. But we were glad we trusted our instinct, instead of listening to the Ped's office's diagnosis of "cough and cold" for the third straight time that week.

I can only guess S wanted to celebrate or something. Because home girl wound up back in the ER. On January 2nd. 2014. That's right -- you guessed {or did some stalking of my fb/insta/etc.} -- for swallowing a quarter! She now is known around the house as "Little Miss Moneybags". Fitting, right?!

I had put her in her room for some quiet time while her brother napped. We had gotten home late from a lunch out with M, and she had already had a really rough morning, attitude-wise. Some alone time was just what she needed ... so I thought. I guess she had other plans, plans that involved lots of attention, solely for her. I heard her start coughing from her room, but didn't give it much thought. She had had a bit of a cold for a few days. But then I heard the pounding footsteps down the hallway -- like a band of elephants, thundering for the door -- and she flew the hallway door open, in tears.

She told me she had choked on the quarter, and tried to get it out, but swallowed it. She was scared that I was going to be mad -- and I was just thankful she could talk ... could breathe. I started to ask why, and make sure it was indeed a quarter {that I had given her in the car} and not a smaller coin, when she pulled at the neck of my shirt and started to retch. One swift Mom-move and it wound up, thankfully, on the carpet and not down the front of me. Thats when she told me -- Oh yea ... and I stuck my fingers way down there trying to get it back. But I couldn't reach it.

She had officially gagged herself, folks.

I got her cleaned up, and changed her clothes. Calmed her down and sat her on the couch while I waited to get in touch with M and my father in law. I didn't want to bring L to the ER if I didn't have to, since he was getting in a much needed nap, as well. Poor girl starts yelling that she's drooling and needs a bowl. I figured she was going to get sick again, but no -- she was serious. Drool ... epic amounts of drool. She was too scared to swallow it, and mentioned that her throat hurt. As I'm sure it would after ingesting coins, stabbing around with your fingers to retrieve it, and then vomiting. So she sat with a plastic bowl perched under her chin, tongue hanging out like a dog on a hot day. Drool, just running. What a site.

By the time we got the ER, she was feeling better -- had perked up a bit, said her throat no longer hurt, her belly was fine, and she just wanted to watch some Netflix on the Kindle. Hooray for that! So we sat and waited, filled out all the paperwork, got an xray for proof it was in there, and then were told we just needed to inspect her poops. Great ... because wiping butts isn't enough, now I have to look at it and try to determine which meal, or metal snack, is lying in the bowl? Sounds like a fun way to kick off 2014! Good thing I love that little girl something awful!

Its been a week. We're not really sure we've seen the coin. The hospital isn't concerned, and to be honest, this Mom isn't really, either. If it's out, it went undetected and caused her no pain or problems. Woo hoo. If it's not, its hanging out, collecting interest, and will come in it's own time. M is concerned and wants a follow-up xray, which the hospital said they would do, no problem, so looks like that's how we'll spend our Friday morning. In the hospital radiology department. To ease his mind.

I'll just make sure I leave the coin purse at home ... and pack plenty of snacks. Just in case S gets hungry. We wouldn't want her to build her savings account internally, would we?!


  1. Oh no!!! Have fun inspecting her poops? Lol.

  2. Oh boy! Hope it comes out easily.

  3. Oh man! I'm so glad we haven't had to experience that yet. I've always been able to watch Adri with the pennies still in her mouth.. LOL Poor thing! Glad there weren't any huge issues.