06 January 2014

How We Spent Our First Solo Weekend

Happy Monday! 

This past weekend was the first one we experienced with M back to shift work. Which meant that he was working Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 12-hour shifts, and we were left to our own devices. The kids were not happy with it, and its definitely going to take some getting used to.  {Also a side note: We are going to attempt A Photo A Day this year for both of the kids ... so on weekend updates like these, unless we did something specific, most of the pictures you see will likely be our daily photos!} 

Friday morning, both of the kiddos had check-ups at the doctors office. As much as I was hoping medical checks left and right wouldn't be the theme of our new year, its looking like that's exactly whats going to happen. Thursday evening we were in the ER with one kiddo [another story for later this week] ... these checks up ... and each of the kids is being made to come back for a follow up appointment to check on different things. Ugh ... 

But other than needing the follow-ups, both of the kids are healthy, and growing. And we have that to be thankful for. {And L is officially at 100% for height for a 2 year old boy. Almost 39 inches tall ... That, folks, is how I'm going to wind up the shortest person in our house, at 5'8.}

Saturday was technically L's 2nd birthday. Since M was working, we decided to hold off on the celebration part, and just spend the day loving on L and spending some time together. We got L a much-needed haircut that morning, and picked up some yummy Zaxby's on the way home. L actually ate some lunch -- for the first time all week. I was happy! 

Not sure if it's a phase or he's just not super hungry right now, or what. But our normally hearty eater is really slowing down in that department. He eats a great breakfast, now, but come lunch time, doesn't really eat and a lot of times picks at dinner. His energy levels are still high, sleep is still the same as always, and no signs of him being sick, so the doc wasn't worried. Its going to take some getting used to, though -- if this becomes our norm! 

{this picture speaks VOLUMES to her personality! i love it!}

Sunday morning was our first trip to church without M. We left early to run an errand on the way, and to allow plenty of time for dropping both kids off to their rooms before service started, but clearly this Mama was a little eager. I wound up sitting around and waiting 20 minutes before anything started. Guess we'll do better next time! But the sermon was good, a lot was gained, and the kids had a great time with their teachers. 

Sunday was quite rainy around here -- so after church, we made a quick stop to visit the kids Pappy, and then came home to put on sweats and relax the rest of the day. There were a lot of cartoons, board games, and a few chores. Otherwise, we were all snuggled up together just relaxing. But oh, it was so enjoyable. 

How did you spend your first weekend of the new year? 


  1. I definitely think it's the age. Adri used to eat everything also, but now it's hardly anything.
    I'm glad you guys had a great first weekend. Hope the rest of the year is just as good.

  2. Sounds like an exciting weekend without your hubby, and that is an extremely tall 2 year old you have!!!!!! He's just a few inches shorter than my 4 year old!!!!

  3. Sounds like a pretty good weekend to me! We got acclimated to being back home after two weeks away.