20 January 2014

Hello, Monday!

Lets just chalk it up to another weekend come and gone, shall we?! Another weekend of M working, things not necessarily going as planned, and colder weather than we would have liked. But the weekend wasn't all bad, not really.

We spent most of the weekend laying around the house, in sweats, watching some cartoons. I was trying to let the medicine work and kick this bronchitis, and half the weekend we were missing a second carseat, and literally house-bound anyways. We got some cleaning done, a little snuggling, and attending a good church sermon. The kids got to visit their Pappy, and have a treat at his store. And we even settled in around the kitchen table to do a little cooking together, work on a craft project, and share a few meals.

It was pretty uneventful ... but it was what this Mama needed. Not only to feel better and let the medicine do its thing, but to also enjoy some time just snuggling with the kids, relaxing. There was no stress, no agenda, no time crunch. We were able to do and see and play and watch as we wanted. And sometimes, those are the best kind of days there are!