17 January 2014

Currently ...

Currently, we are ... 

Asking Why? and How Come? and Are You Sure? all the time! L isn't quite there yet ... but S? Oh man, she's been driving me batty with them lately! Why is slowly phasing itself out around here ... but the other two? Just as bad ... 

Dancing all over the living room! M keeps turning on the radio stations on DirecTV and the kids start shaking their butts and jamming out. Even L sways side to side, clutching a guitar like some pint-sized rockstar. Its hilarious! 

Experiencing some pretty bipolar temperatures! Last week, it was cold enough one day {read: 20 degrees} for them to delay school two hours. And by the weekend, it was 70 and slightly humid, inciting a tornado in our area. Its no wonder people are getting sick, left and right. 

Pretending to hunt monsters! Ever since the kids got some Monsters Inc masks for Christmas, and some play guns, they've been running from one end of the house to the other, shooting anything that moves! They especially love running into the hall bathroom, while unlit, and lighting up the bathtub in rounds of hellfire! Its easy to tell these kids are the product of a Marine! 

Reading the 365 Love Dare. It's one of my "projects" for the year ... and so far, been easy, and interesting, to keep up with. I've had the book for years, but never used it, even after I completed the original Love Dare. Looking forward to seeing how the year goes. Oh -- and the kids? They are reading a bunch of "How do Dinosaurs ..." and Pinkalicious books. Gotta love the library! 

Sharing our germs with each other! Unfortunately. Well, at least the husband and I are. He got bronchitis earlier in the week and started some antibiotics, and by the next day, I was miserable and in need of a z-pack. M was jealous I got one, and he only got amoxicillin. {But because I'm allergic to -cillin products, I ALWAYS get the good stuff!} 

Watching American Idol. Its been YEARS since we've tuned in, especially at this early in the season. A few years ago, there was a local boy on the show {Scotty McCreary} so near the end, it was all we heard on the news, the radio, and so on. So we tuned in to see what all this talk was about. Obviously, he won. But this year, the judges are pretty decent, so we might watch the whole season! 

Visiting our friend's new baby! She was born a few days after L's birthday, and we can't seem to get enough of her new-baby squishy-ness. She's always so snuggle-y and quiet when we see her. 

What are YOU currently up to? 


  1. I actually like american idol this season with J. Lo and Harry Connick Jr!

  2. I haven't watched American Idol in a while either, but I've tuned in this season. I'm really liking the judges!