15 January 2014

After 4 Years, I Finally Slept Through the Night

For the past two nights in a row, I've maintained the same evening routine. As the kids are watching their nightly cartoon around 7pm, I've quickly cleaned up the toys in the living room, tidying and putting away the things they missed. As soon as that was done, I've joined them on the couch, snuggling up to enjoy the Sofia the First episode that Disney is playing for the millionth time. Clearly, we've seen them all -- too many times to count.

Once the show is done, the kids fight over who goes to bed first, and then we begin the process. I take the first to their room, get them settled in on my lap, read a story, turn off the lights to rock and snuggle for a minute, and then lay them in bed to stare at the illuminated stars projected onto their ceiling while snuggling the hundred and one buddies they have tucked in their beds. I kiss them, say I love you, and leave the room. Only to repeat the process with the other sibling.

And without fail, every night, I have to bounce back and forth from room to room for a minute. As soon as A is settled, I tend to B. As soon as B is ready for me to leave, A is crying for Mommy ... or sneaking out of bed {in the case of the older sibling}. Once I re-tuck and re-hug, the other is asking for my presence. And if they aren't just yet ... it won't be long.

Finally I get a moment to get myself in some comfy pajamas and try to settle on the couch. But the past two nights, I haven't had the chance. Because that little boy of mine? He seems to think that his constant 730pm bedtime is for the birds ... and he'd rather stay awake for an additional two hours.

While I do let him fuss a little, its more a nuisance to listen to "Mommy ... wah wah wah ... Daddy?! Mommy? wah ..." than it is to go in, quickly hug and re-tuck yet again. So I go ... and do. Over. And Over. And over again.

And as much as I enjoy the sweet snuggles, sometimes, this process gets a little tiring. The playful giggles as he tries to tickle my hair, or asks me to find some random object that was last seen floating around his bed {usually his tried and true spoon collection or a Spiderman figure}.

As troubling a situation as this new routine of his might be, it has led to one amazing breakthrough, you guys. For the past TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW ... that little boy of mine, that horrible sleeper, that multiple-times-a-night-waker, has slept through. From 930pm until roughly 8am in the morning, without so much as a peep, whimper or cry out for Mommy. He might just be a sleep whisperer, too -- because his sister got the memo, as well, and has stayed put in her bed those same nights -- a new task for her, too.

And this mama?! I've been able to sleep soundly from 10pm until my normal wake up at 4am. Two nights of some of the best sleep -- and yet most puzzling. Because after 4 years of not having a normal sleep pattern, two nights of complete sleep leave me waking up confused ... and almost over rested.

So the rest of today? You'll find me spending time with these crazy kids of mine, and come tonight? Maybe I'll keep little man awake a little longer, try to let him run circles around the living room to expend some of that energy he bottles up. And hope that tonight's routine doesn't last as long, but that he sleeps just as good. I could get used to 6 hours of uninterrupted rest.

I really, really could.