22 January 2014

Big, Fat, Fluffy Flakes

Because I come from the land of all things snow and cold {Maine}, whenever people here in North Carolina start freaking out about potential snowfall, I usually tune it out, or make a little bit a joke. Not going to lie. So over the past few days, as I heard "Get your bread! Get your milk!" more times than I could count, the jokes were just rolling around in my head. When we woke up Tuesday morning, and it was in the 40s and sunny out, I immediately thought these people had lost their minds, read the wrong reports, etc. There was no way it was going to snow around here! And that thought carried through as the day progressed. Schools let out two hours early yesterday, to give buses a chance to get everyone home safe, and still people laughed and joked and rolled their eyes. Including, at this point, locals!

And then it was 730pm. And as the kids got into their pajamas and were settling in for the evening, M called them to the kitchen door, turned off the lights and had them look outside. Sure enough, it was spitting snow! Granted, it was melting as soon as it hit the ground, but those little ones could have cared less. They were so excited to see those flakes falling -- they stood outside and just danced. Little squeals of delight. Laughter as the flakes stuck to their hair. And just as quickly as it started, it all came to an end. So the kids changed their wet clothes, dried their hair and went to bed. By 9pm, it had started again, and this time, was starting to stick.

As of this morning, there's a little white powder on the grass, so as soon as breakfast is over, I plan on bundling the kids up and letting them run wild in the backyard! I know it won't last long, once the sun hits it. But at least they'll get a little bit of time to enjoy it before its gone!


  1. awww so fun!!! Some of my fondest memories from when I was younger are of my mom and dad waking me up when it was snowing outside. We lived in NM, so snow wasn't that common. They'll remember playing in it for years to come!

  2. Oh how fun! They look so happy. :)