18 November 2013

It's Beginning to Feel A Lot Like ... Summer?!

Happy Monday! 

We were pretty much homebodies this weekend, save for a few hours out of the house. There wasn't too much going on in our area, and our weather has been pretty bipolar lately, so we stuck around the house. Last week, it snowed early one morning, and was freezing [by NC standards] for a few days after. This weekend?! Our highs were in the 70s. I really wish it would make up it's mind! 

Friday, the carepackage that my parents had sent for the kids arrived. When they saw the box, they immediately asked if their name was on it, or if it was another one "for Mimi". {When I do my online shopping, if its something for them for the holidays, I fib when it arrives and say it's something their Mimi ordered, and she'll get around to opening it the next time she is here. They never ask about the mystery boxes again!}

They were delighted with all kinds of fun projects -- some new coloring books, play doh and lots of utensils for playing with it. A magnet board play-set. And even some new dress up clothes: a princess outfit for S and some construction gear for L. 

The kids spent most of their weekend wrapped up in their new treats! 


Saturday afternoon, M's cousin was having a birthday party for her little boy. Its so fun to have all the little ones together, any time, and was even more fun to be there celebrating him turning 2. He's about 6 weeks older than our L .... and the boys play great any time we get together! 

Our kiddos loved seeing everyone, running around their great backyard, roasting marshmallows over the fire to make s'mores, and of course, sinking their teeth into some yummy cupcakes! The red frosting left it's mark for the rest of the weekend! 


Sunday was Student Invasion at church -- everything was taken over by the kids. The music. The dancing. Even the youth pastor was the one to deliver this week's message. It was our first time hearing him preach -- and it was a good message. He really has a way of commanding the room. And it really made me stop and think about some things ... and some ways to possible give back to the community. It was a good Sunday morning! 

M and I spent the rest of the afternoon with a few movies. M curled up with L for a bit just after lunch, and the boys watched Iron Man 3. I have never seen L so involved in a movie -- he sat so quietly, concentrating on what was going on. And at every action scene, he lit up. He got so excited, yelling things like "Fire!" "He falling!" "Flying!!!" He loved it. 

And once the kids went to naps, M and I were able to enjoy White House Down. It was nice to be able to spend some quiet time together -- lately, our life has been filled with worry and wonder  ... and a lot of concern. We haven't had much time to just relax, and enjoy each other's company. 

So it was very much needed, and enjoyed. So much so that we decided to forego any type of technology later in the evening, and curled up together again with the remote and the DVR. Sorry, friends -- but my BlogLovin' can wait! 

Overall, it was a low-key weekend. 


Last week's goals were a little touch and go. But I'm choosing not to dwell on it. No looking back -- instead, we're starting fresh this week, and moving forward. So, onto this week's goals: 

1. Participate in Thanks and Giving Project 
2. Read a little bit in each of the books I have going 
3. Have a play-date with some friends
4. Map out a plan for Christmas decorating and crafting 

What's on your to-do list this week? 
Did you have a great weekend -- get in any holiday activities? 


  1. I LOVE getting care packages! Did you like White House Down? I actually did!