15 November 2013

Friday's Letters: S Edition

Dear Sofia The First, Hurry up with your new show. I don't want to wait until Sunday night. I want it NOW! Dear Spiral Noodle Mac and Cheese, You just aren't the same. Mom says you taste the same. But she's wrong. You aren't as special as the shells with their packet of creamy cheese already made. And you aren't the same as Monsters Inc shaped pasta, either. I will not eat you. I will NOT. Dear L, I love you -- because you are my brother. But the things you have? They belong to me, too. Because I'm the oldest. I know you may be playing with something ... but I want it too. And since I'm the oldest, I should get the say, right?! Don't you agree? Here ... let me just take that! Dear Mom, Sorry about my tantrums lately. I'm four. Give me a break, already. Life is ROUGH at this age. I know you don't remember ... since you're as old as the dinosaurs. Dear Candy, Why can't you be a good food group? I keep asking Mom for some of your yummy goodness -- and she keeps telling me I can't eat you and only you! That I won't survive off you alone. Now ... that just doesn't seem right, does it? I think you and I would agree -- you are where its AT! Come to me, candy! I'll treat you right!



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