14 November 2013

Currently ...

This month we are ... 

ANTICIPATING the rest of this month! The next couple of weeks are full of fun things we have planned to do with the kids. This weekend we're having a movie night, and heading to the last of our turkey shoots. Next weekend is the holiday parade in Raleigh. The week of Thanksgiving, we have a tree lighting event, and a lighted wagon ride to see Santa. We *love* this time of year! 

HOPING for answers soon. M should know the fate of his job by late this afternoon ... but right now, things are up in the air. There are plenty of options, none of which we get to choose ... and all we can hope is that whatever happens, it's in our best interest.

LAUGHING at silly things. Like when the kids use the kitchen mop to play horse-y. Or when I climbed into bed the other night, only to find L had left a can of tomato paste in there -- he has such a habit of toting canned goods out of the pantry and leaving them randomly. 

LEARNING our letters and shapes from our at-home preschool work. We've gone through A, B, C, and D and are currently working on E. We did circles and apples last month, and are working on ovals right now, as well. We did some work on dinosaurs last week -- and the kids have been obsessed with this "We Are The Dinosaurs" song we found on YouTube. I get asked multiple times a day to have it played. But we're having fun with it all! 

READING finally! We stopped by the library yesterday, where I picked up a Richard Paul Evans book for a light read. I'm also still finishing up Love Stories of World War II, Still Standing and The Purpose Driven Life. I guess I just enjoy having a different book in every room! And the kids? They got lots of Fancy Nancy books, and a few on fire trucks!

THANKFUL for so many things, really. Our health and well-being. M's job, regardless of the changes coming. Our new-found church home. The kids' happiness. All the typical "I'm Thankful For..." things, like our vehicles, a roof over our heads, food and clothing, and our lack of need.

THINKING about Christmas gifts, and what we have to still buy. The kids are just about shpped for. Which is a blessing and a curse. As great as it is to feel like they are all done and out of the way, at the same time, I'm the person who sees things the whole month of December and says "Oh ... just one more gift! They need it!" and wind up buying so much more than I originally planned. But shopping for parents?! Ugh. Mine are tough ones, and I still need to nail down their gifts. 

WATCHING the Hallmark Channel. Round the clock, practically! I love the movies on this time of year -- there's just a simple charm about them! We've also been watching a lot of Netflix -- and renting a lot of Redbox movies, too. Like Monster's University -- that the kids will be watching tomorrow night and still don't know about! 

WEARING long sleeves! And sweaters and sweatshirts! For me, its still not really cold enough to need a winter jacket. At least, not for the places we've been going. And the kids, too, really. They have lighter weight jackets -- fleeces or cute denim jackets that they have been wearing a lot. Its nice to look at their closets and see more than tank tops and shorts! 

WISHING you all a joyous, family-filled holiday season, wherever you may be! 

What about you?! What are you currently doing? 
What have you been loving about November? 


  1. So.. I'm loving that we're all wearing dresses and not long sleeves! LOL it does suck that we're currently cooped up in a hotel waiting to find a house.
    I hope things go well with M's job!

  2. I am loving this colder weather, I love being bundled up.

  3. Awesome list! I love this time of year! I love that you have a book for every room! Haha. How do you keep the storylines straight? I'm trying to steer clear of the Hallmark Channel lately. My DVR is filling up because I won't watch holiday movies until after Thanksgiving. Why does TDay have to be so late this year?!?