06 November 2013

22 Months


Is it really possible? In just two short months, my "baby" will be two years old. You've grown and changed so much in the past month! You are constantly getting into everything, still love arts and crafts, talk a whole lot now, and have been to see your first movie! And those "two year old" attitudes? Yea -- ever present now! What a month it's been! 

Lately, it seems like every time I turn the corner, I find you somewhere, doing something, you know you shouldn't be! Whether you are climbing up the entertainment stand, or digging through the stationary drawer in the kitchen, you are always looking for something. But man, are you sneaky about it! Just last night, you had a lollipop as we sat down to watch a cartoon. I heard you crunching it, so I assumed you were finishing it up. When I looked down to check, you had two sticks and a wrapper hanging out of your mouth! You had stuck in a second 'pop, wrapper and all, without anyone noticing. You got quite a kick out of that -- so proud that you almost pulled one over on Mom! Nice try -- we took it away and threw it in the garbage.

Almost every day, you climb up to the table and ask to color. Days that I don't have any projects planned, we gladly get out a stack of coloring books and plain paper, the tub of crayons and maybe some new markers. You gladly sit still and draw and color for as long as we'll let you. You've also discovered just how fun play-doh can be. Even if you are just squishing it between your fingers. Feels fun, doesn't it?! We've been doing some handprint art with acrylic paint -- you really love the way the brush tickles your fingers as we apply the paint. Its getting harder to get you to open your hand flat to get it on there ... but either way, your projects are always so sweet! I keep them all! 

Daddy was worried for a bit about your talking. You just weren't doing it. And what little you did, was mostly to Mommy, and in a language that mainly Mommy could understand, but no one else. That's definitely changed. You've gone from calling us Mama and Dada to Mommy and Daddy just in the past week. Your sentences are broken, but easy to decipher -- and you are talking so much more. You always tell me what you are doing, as you are doing it! And point out everything you see! Such a little observer. We're working on your manners -- you have please ["plee-uh"] mastered without much prompt, but its the thank-you we need to follow up on. 

Shortly before Halloween [where you were THE cutest Batman] the local "cheap theater" was showing a couple kids' Halloween movies in the morning for free. I decided to take you and your sister -- my thought was that if you couldn't sit still and be quiet for the movie just yet, it was fine because we wouldn't be out any money! So what better way to test it out! Can I just say -- you did better than your sister!! While she couldn't sit still, or stop talking, you sat in your seat tuned right into the movie, before deciding it wasn't very comfortable, curling up in my lap and watching the rest of the movie without fussing, yelling, asking a million questions or jumping up and down. I brought a snack and you quietly ate it. When it was gone, there was no mention of it -- you simply held the bag, as if you didn't notice or care. You were too tuned in. And you loved it! Now at home, every day you bring me DVDs and ask to watch a movie ["woo-dy"]. 

Its all fun and games -- until you get upset, though. You are perfecting the temper tantrum all the time now. And its becoming more and more miserable to take you out to a restaurant. Places with faster service are okay -- especially if its just the four of us and they have something you really enjoy. But if there is company around, you don't eat until they leave you alone. {Your Pappy is bad about that -- he constantly talks to you and tries to get you to eat ...} And if you have to wait for your food? Everyone around is going to hear about it, unfortunately. We took Sissy out for her birthday dinner to Cracker Barrel. Because they didn't bring us biscuits to start like they typically do, you were not a happy guy. You wanted out of your seat, threw a little fit, insisted on sitting with me, and spilled sweet tea all over yourself in the process. Finally, food came, and you were content with your pancake and eggs. Breakfast food, always to the rescue. 

I'm trying to remember patience with you, every day. Some days are easier than others. But I know -- as hard a time as this is for me, its equally hard for you. You are learning how to handle frustration, and that's never easy. Even for us grown-ups. I learn from you every day. 

L, I love to watch you grow and learn every day. And I love watching the relationship you have with your sister grow deeper and stronger. You two have a bond that is so beautiful to me. You may fight over toys, but at the end of the day, she's the one who cheers you up, and the kiss you always get first at bedtime. I hope that never changes {although I am SURE there will come a day when kissing your sister will be the last thing on your list!}. 

This next month will be full of holiday fun, and cooler weather. Hopefully we'll get you back to the park, and be able to play outside lots. We have a birthday party for your cousin coming up, the turkey shoots you love so much, the big holiday parade -- hello, SANTA! -- and Thanksgiving! I can't wait to celebrate it all with you! 

I love you little man. 
Love, Mommy! 


  1. He's such a sweet little boy! Adri will be 2 in a month and a day. I can't believe it! Time flies!

  2. I can't get over the sweetness of his face! :)