23 September 2013

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! 

We had a real laid back kind of weekend around our parts. 

We spent most of our time cleaning, and getting the house ready for company. On breaks from the cleaning, we got M's hair cut, enjoyed some lunch out, did a few art projects with the kids, and went to church Sunday morning, as well. 

Saturday night was a long one, that involved very little sleep. L decided he only needed a 20 minute nap Saturday afternoon, and on those kinds of days, he has a hard time getting himself to relax and fall asleep come evening time. He tossed and turned and woke up so many times in such a short period that I just threw in the towel and brought him into my room. Since I had the air mattress already blown up, getting it ready for our company, we slept there to give us both plenty of room. 

{Sunday Morning -- S didn't sleep there through the night, but couldn't resist snuggling up during the morning!} 

I got some of the best snuggles, ever! But tell me how, as little as he is, he took up 3/4 of the bed ... and I almost fell of the side multiple times?! Lucky I love that little guy! ;) 


For this week's "goals" -- I really just want to enjoy myself. My parents are here, and its the first time I've been able to enjoy their visit since January.  Maybe do some baking with Mom. A little shooting with Dad, perhaps? Get a few projects done, since I'll have extra hands to entertain the kids. Maybe M and I will even get to squeeze in a date night -- no matter how low key it might be! But my only real goal that I'll be striving to obtain this week? Putting myself back into the picture!! {I was reading Elizabeth's post here and thought, you know ... my kids are always the camera subject ... but I want them to know I was present, too ... and helping make those memories. I need to quit  complaining about the negatives I see in the mirror, and just get back in the picture! So that's exactly what I'm going to do!} 

How was your weekend? 
Were you productive ... or did you spend your time relaxing? 


  1. Love your new perspective! Put yourself in those pictures. I want to see the gal who writes and provides all these wonderful experiences for her children. I am sure they will appreciate seeing it too!