20 September 2013

Pizza Picnic

Lately, S has been obsessed with the idea of a picnic. 

Back in the spring, it wasn't uncommon for us to make a lunch and bring it outside to have a picnic on their picnic table out back. They loved it -- and so did I. It meant a lot less clean up for me! 

So the other day, as I was making lunch, S put in a request for a picnic. 

Too bad it was already 90 degrees out, and our backyard has NO SHADE. There was no way I was taking them outside to eat, and suffering the sweat just running down my back. 

Her next suggestion was a picnic in the living room -- but since I was already heating up some pizza, all I could envision was red smears all over the rental carpet. And quickly shut that down, as well. 

But not before I had another thought. 

Who says a picnic has to be in a specific place, right?! 

So I laid some towels out on the kitchen floor, gave them their food and told them it was a pizza picnic in the kitchen! 

They were thrilled -- and S is still asking me if we can have another kitchen picnic. 

I wonder how long it will be before she is trying to convince her Dad that we need to eat our dinners on a picnic blanket on the floor! 


  1. We lay a blanket on our living room floor and have picnic/movie night at least a couple times a month. The kids love it! My back - not so much! ;-)

  2. I love all the wonderful things you do with your children. Think of all the memories you are creating! Awesome job!

  3. What a great idea!! V love's picnics! I bet she would love somerthing like this too!