24 September 2013

Company Has Arrived


I thought we had left with enough time to spare yesterday morning, but Boy! Was I wrong!! I guess in some people's minds, there was plenty of time ... but I'm one of those "early" kinds of people. I'd rather wait for an hour than come in even 5 minutes late. 

We left the house at 1030am. I needed to stop for gas, and wanted to swing through the drive-thru for a cold cup of Dunkin. Nothing like some decaf breakfast candy for an hour long ride somewhere! 

Halfway to Cary, I looked in the backseat -- and both kids were napping! I was shocked! Usually, L will fall asleep if we are driving any sort of distance, but S too?! That *never* happens these days. I turned the radio down, and enjoyed the peace and quiet ... all five minutes of it, before S woke back up and continued on with her "Are we there yet? Are Mimi and Papa here yet?" line of questions. 

We got to Cary later than I wanted. Pulled into B's house and knocked to let them know we were there. Curse of having a large house?! You never hear someone knock!! So we stood around on their doorstep for awhile before I got the brilliant idea of sending a FB message! Finally, B brought out the keys, and we swapped vehicles. It was so nice of them to let us borrow it for the week that company is here! Now we have room for everyone in one car -- no matter how cramped we might all be! ;) 

I had told the kids we'd get lunch before heading to the airport ... but it was already Noon ... and we needed to be ready and waiting shortly before 1pm ... so we swung through the gas station, grabbed some snacks for our wait {which the kids were too excited for! Its like we never let them out of the house, I tell you!} and headed to the parking garage at the airport. 

The whole time, I was saying to myself, "You know ... these kids are being pretty good! Strange!" And it only got stranger! They went into the waiting area, sat down with their snacks, ate them for a few minutes, and then waited as patiently as 1 & 3 year olds can for their guests to arrive. 

Every person that walked passed, S would comment, "Those silly people need to get out of my Papa's way!!" or "Sheesh. Papa is slow today. I think he needs to RUN!" 

Clearly, she was excited to see her grandparents! 

They finally got here -- after delays and missing connections, etc. And the kids have YET to act like wild animals. 

I think someone stole my kids, you guys. Seriously. And replaced them with little 'bots. {And I have a feeling, it will be like this most of the week. And then after our return to the airport, they will switch them back, and my terrorists will return home!!} 


  1. Haha! They're so cute! Enjoy the visit! Hopefully the little ones can behave the entire time. And if they turn into terrorists at the end, at least you got a week of peace.

  2. Aww so cute! :) Enjoy the visit!

  3. Well, Grandparents are there. My kids always behave for Gpa & Gma. One of the reasons I love visiting my parents. I get a break! Haha Enjoy your visit!