26 September 2013

Have Change? Will Entertain!

Today, I am thankful for Grandparents, and their change purses!! 

Yesterday, while M was working, we decided to head into town and run some errands. My Mom wanted to do a little shopping for me, so we headed to the mall. Who was I to say no? After all ... I'm in desperate need of some jeans. 

So while I was shopping solo at American Eagle {how amazing is that?!}, my parents took the kids to a little corner of the small mall, where some of the coin operated kiddie rides were. 

I was able to shop all by myself, without kids ducking into clothing racks to hide, trying to shake hands with mannequins, or running off with me chasing after them. It was wonderful. I also learned in that short time that apparently, the bigger sized women don't go to stores and shop -- but do it all hidden behind their computer screen!! Since when is this the case?! And why do stores only carry some sizes online?! I was kind of put off by that! 

Anyways ... 

I was probably in there 20 minutes. 

And the kids?! 

Spent that entire time hopping between the couple rides they had, my parents feeding quarters into them over and over. And the kids? Giggling, smiling and enjoying that time. For them, it couldn't get much better! 

Seeing that smile on their faces?! Couldn't get much better for me, either! 


  1. Some days we go to Walmart just to waste a handful of coins on these things!

  2. Aww I love this. Yay for grandparents and change! :)