18 September 2013

Our Trip to the Tumble Gym

Last week, we had a play-date with some of the moms in our MOPS group. 

It was at our local Tumble Gym -- and I knew for sure that we had to go. An hour's entertainment, where the kids can run wild, and go crazy ... for only $5 a kid?! I couldn't go wrong. 

I knew S would love it. Lately she's been talking non-stop about dance, and gymnastics, and all things older girl! {We can "blame" that on her much-idolized older cousin, Mia!} 

What I didn't anticipate was how much L would love his time there! He was truly in his element! 

From the minute we walked through the door until we left, he was never sitting still, or just hanging around one piece of equipment or person. He was on the trampoline ... over to the balance beam. Then onto the bars. 

He wanted to walk. To jump. To swing. 

He wanted to do it all. 

And do it all, he did. It was so sweet to see him having such a blast -- and not having to worry about him hurting himself, or getting into something he shouldn't! Everything was soft, nothing was off limits ... it was wonderful. 

My only wonder was why we hadn't been to this place before now?! 

Clearly, we're going to have to go back and play again sometime soon. The kids loved it too much not to! Thankfully, every Friday is open gym all day long!!