17 September 2013

An HOUR in Our Day

Although my husband appreciates everything I do for him, and our kids, at home, and he knows that I'm not just sitting on the couch with the remote all day, he often wonders why, exactly, I don't have a ton of energy come evening time. 

So I thought -- A Day In the Life post might be TOO busy, because these kids seriously never stop moving. But how about "An Hour Of Our Day" -- that might be a little less ... chaotic? 

Of course, I decide to do this ... and pick a random time to start, and S starts acting up a bit AS SOON as I try to capture the first picture of our hour. 

But you know what? 

That's life around here. 

I should apologize in advance -- these were all taken with my phone ... so the lighting may be a little off ... or the shot may be blurry because the kids didn't want to "pose" for a second while it focused. Oh well. 

So here goes -- an hour in our day: 

1. Already starting off throwing a tantrum 
2. The aftermath -- while L ignores S. 
3. 5 minutes later they had moved from the playroom to S's room.
4. Playing with the Princess Castle 
5. Already done with the castle and moving on to the Little People House
6. Enough Little People. S is busting out her Barbies. 
7. ANNNNND ... tantrum #2.
8. Still a little grump, S is feeding her dolls and trying to relax. 
9. Trying to make her smile ... so when S asked to take a picture with me, I gladly gave in. 

1. L has moved on to playing with baby dolls as well. 
2. Tired of standing up, they both climb into the toybox. 
3. Within minutes, they have moved to L's room and the race track. 
4. And that didn't last long! They are finally calming down for a few minutes, and start a movie. 

Whew -- all within an hour?! 4 rooms. 2 tantrums. Countless different toys. And a whole lot of mess for Mommy to supervise the cleaning! {Who am I kidding ... I wind up having to do a lot of the cleaning myself!} 

So the next time M comes home from work and asks why I look so tired ... I'm going to remind him of this post!! 


  1. Exactly!! Sometimes I feel like I don't do much some days, but really, anything with these little guys is a lot!

  2. You are a busy busy lady, I totally understand why you are tired at the end of the day.