05 September 2013

Fall Bucket List

 {last fall -- ages 2.5 and 9 months}

Summer is pretty much over. 

Fall is on its way in. And this Mama couldn't be happier. It's my favorite season of the year: nothing beats crisp apples, cooler temps, and turning leaves! 

Even though our summer bucket list wasn't much of a success, I thought, "Why not make a list for the fall?" To at least see what fun things we could get accomplished, in among the at-home preschool activities, MOPs meetings, library story times and gym trips. 

So our 2013 Fall List looks like this: 

 visit a pumpkin patch
 walk through a corn maze 
 do some apple and/or pumpkin crafts
 play in the falling leaves
 go to a football game 
 make leaf pressings 
 drink apple cider 
 jump in mud puddles 
 find halloween costumes 

Not a lot of stuff -- but maybe just a few suggestions will help us to get into the fall spirit, prepare us for Halloween and S's 4th birthday in November. 

And entertain us for the next couple of months! 

What's on your fall bucket list?! 


  1. Great list and totally do-able! I can't believe how much your children have grown since you took this picture. Just through your blog pictures you can see the change from baby to preschooler/toddler. I love fall too. We dont' get much of a season but we love to go to the pumpkin patch in October. That is my one goal and maybe Disneyland too. They always decorate the park so neat for Halloween.

  2. I love your list! :) I need to get started on mine.

  3. I'm not making a fall list, but I'm dying to get my Hawaiian one together!
    Your list is perfect though! Exactly what I'd be doing if we were in Missouri or GA. I already saw Halloween costumes at Walmart earlier this week! I'm excited to get the girls'