04 September 2013

20 Months

Dear Sweet L: 

How is it possible? How are you 20 months old already?! Where is the time going? 

It feels like just yesterday you were my little baby boy, all snuggled up for your naps on my chest. Not willing to sleep anywhere else for long periods of time. Now, we finally are back into our routine of putting you down to bed awake, and then I spent the rest of the early evening listening to you play in your crib, giggling, talking to your buddies and rolling around before eventually putting yourself to sleep. 


The only noises you used to make were quiet coos and ear piercing cries. You cried for many reasons. And often, in the beginning. Especially in the bathtub. Boy, you hated that bath. Now a days, you beg me to turn on the shower. Just so you can play. Baths still aren't your favorite, although you humor me long enough to get a good scrub down. But boy do you love the shower!! 

And the talking!! Its really taking off lately. You communicate what you want with more than just grunts and finger points. Although some of your words don't sound like much to some, as your Mom, I can easily tell by the situation exactly what you are saying. What you want. What you need. And even cuter -- you answer questions when we ask them of you. Simple things ... and usually questions that require just a yes or no answer. 

You toy us with a lot. And no matter what the question is, you LOVE to shake your head no, while smiling and giggling. "Can Daddy have a kiss?" You shake your head no. "Do you love Mommy the most?" Again you shake your head. We all get a bunch of laughs out it all. 

This past month was a little rough around here -- between issues with extended family, vehicles giving us trouble, and a dwindling bank account thanks to crazy summer power bills -- so we stuck around the house. A LOT. But you seemed no worse for the wear. You gladly ran around the house in nothing but a shirt and diaper -- your choice "uniform" when given the opportunity. You played well with your sister, and delighted in the few days that it was nice enough to go outside. 

Especially when it meant putting on your boots and splashing in a few puddles. 

I'm sorry you touched the water, though. With your hands. And got them dirty. You were NOT pleased with dirty water and mud on you. Not in the least. My pants became your napkin -- but I didn't mind. It bought us some more time outside. And garnished a few more giggles out of you. 

You are become more of a little man these days. And although it makes me swell with pride to see you grow and change and learn, every day, it makes me sad, as well. You no longer resemble the sweet little burrito we brought home from the hospital. 

Slow down, my son. There's plenty of time for getting old. 

I Love You -- 
Your Mama


  1. He has such a sweet infectious smile. :) Happy 20 months!