23 August 2013

Ta-Da, I'm Posing!

Shortly after we came back from our cruise in May, my mom had S demonstrate her newest "thing" -- posing! Little girl LOVES clothes, and heels. Make up, too.

And nowadays, whenever I ask her to stand still so I can take a picture of her cute outfit, or whatever it may be, she promptly pops her hand on her hip, tips over just a bit, and proclaims "Ta-da! I'm posing!"

Of course, she reminds me too much of those newbie models you see on tv, who cannot stand still for two seconds while the photographer tries to capture the shot. This girl never stands still, either -- so I'm lucky some of these shots aren't completely blurred out!

 She's quite a kid -- but at least shopping for school clothes will be fun!!


  1. V is just like that! My mom and best friend taught her "sexy" while we were on a cruise. She just won't stand still long enough for me to capture it!

  2. Awww her poses are adorable!

  3. ohmygoodness. your daughter is precious! the picture of her under the umbrella is adorable :)