26 August 2013

5 for Five

Happy Monday! 

Our weekend was another low-key one spent hanging around the house. 

{They got their faces painted at our morning MOPS event}

Friday, M got off work quite early. We were supposed to head to base to catch some fireworks for the end of summer celebration -- but in true form, they were cancelled. They were only going to do fireworks because they had to cancel for 4th of July due to rain. And go figure -- once again, rain on the forecast. I think this time, though, they cancelled a little too early. And go figure -- it never rained. 

Saturday we hung around the house most of the morning before just hopping in the car with no idea where we were going to wind up. We ended up taking the kids to their favorite restaurant EVER for some lunch: Golden Corral. They were in heaven, both ate GREAT, and were well-behaved the whole time. What a treat! After their naps, we took them to ride my father-in-law's golf cart and enjoy some fresh air. This weekend was unbelievably beautiful out, with temps much lower than usual. {Don't worry -- it's not supposed to last very long!} 

Sunday was church. We opted to try the early morning session this week to see if it could cut down on some of our rush/stress afterwards. And wouldn't you know ... getting home two hours earlier, having time to just relax before making lunch and getting late naps was just the thing we needed! 

Overall -- a very relaxing weekend! 

Last week, we had the following goals:

1. Finish reading my book 
2. L's dentist check up
3. Register for this year's MOPs program
4. Paint something to go in a small frame
5. Take the kids to the park

3/5, once again. Of course, ridiculously humid weather kept us from going to the park. Maybe some parents would take their kids ... but when I have to run around myself, making sure a certain 1-year-old daredevil doesn't jump off any high rise platforms, I'd rather not be doing it in sticky, hot weather. Not my idea of fun. Maybe another week, kids. 

This week we need to: 

1. Draft up our Fall Schedule
2. Order our Preschool Palace Curriculum
3. Focus on Cleaning the Living Room
4. Get up to Visit my in-laws 
5. Buy a birthday present for our friend's little boy 

What are your goals this week?


  1. Bummer that rain cancelled fireworks again! :(

  2. Darn - will they do Labor Day fireworks this weekend maybe? And I LOVE Golden Corral! It was my favorite as a kid too. I could eat my weight in those rolls!