22 August 2013

Currently ...

Currently, we are:

Feeling: stressed. After L's dental appointment Tuesday, all I can see in my head are dollar signs! We have to wait until the next enrollment period at M's work, which isn't until October, to get the ball rolling. So we have a little time to dwell on how much this is going to cost. 

Missing: having two vehicles! This month has been one crap-shoot after the next, it seems. Our H3 is leaking water, according to M, so we are waiting to get it checked out within the next week. And until then, not driving it. Which means most days, the kids and I are completely home-bound. Unless I drop M off at work at 630am and go back to pick him up whenever he gets off for the day. Its quite annoying -- especially with two little ones, which is why it's only happened a couple times! 

Wanting: Cooler Weather!! We were teased last week with some nice temps in the 70s. The breeze was blowing, and I was able to take the kids outside every day, for walks and to play in the yard, without sweating tons. Of course, within a matter of days, the temps have gone right back up and we are humid again. But at least Fall is right around the corner! 

Playing: With Cardboard boxes! Every day, these kids amaze me with their imaginations! One day they are crawling inside the boxes as a hiding place. The next, they are pretending to be dogs at an animal shelter. Sometimes the boxes are cars or parts of a train. And S even stacked the boxes on top of each other and said it was the front of a wedding [an altar, I'm assuming!] and that they were going to watch their friends get married! [Not sure who the friends would be ... maybe some stuffed animals! We haven't had any company lately!] They are too cute! 

Cooking: All kinds of things! We've been trying to clean out our freezer as best we can. So we've made a lot of banana bread. And Blueberry muffins. We need to make some zucchini bread and pumpkin bread, soon, too. Yesterday we made some peanut butter chip chocolate cookies [Mommy's favorite!!] and later on today, to beat the boredom, I'm letting the kids help me use the Kitchenaide attachment to make homemade m&m ice cream! Ben and Jerry's recipe!! They are going to be so excited! They love to help in the kitchen! 

It's been an interesting week around here -- scratch that, an interesting month, really. 

We're getting by, even if we are a little bored at times. But its just a testament to how much real life isn't always sunshine and roses. And sometimes -- it all gets thrown at you all at once. Handle what you can. And don't stress the things you can't change. I guess that's all we can really do at this point! 


  1. I'm with you on wanting cooler weather, it can't come soon enough!

  2. I am dreading the one vehicle thing in Hawaii! But hopefully, John can come home from PT and I'll take him back to normal work at a decent time with the girls.
    Wasnt the weather great last week?! It's the same here! Hot and humid. And they closed up all the pools already, so we really have nothing to do!