29 August 2013

A Touch of Cleaning Magic

August was a bit of a rough month of us here. 

On top of having a higher-than-normal power bill, we also celebrated my birthday, and hit a few bumps along the road. 

And one bump in particular - a problem with our H3. I love that thing, and it's been so good to us, other than a few sensor issues awhile back. But those were a quick and cheap fix ... and I'm worried this problem [that still hasn't been diagnosed] won't be as minor. 

But with us now only relying on one vehicle, M has been taking it to work most days, while the kids and I stay at home. 

All day. 

Something that THIS stay *at home* mama is clearly not used to. I'll admit it ... I don't like it one bit. I'd rather be out and about doing something. Hitting up the library. Playing with the kids at the indoor playground. Running errands. Hitting the gym. Something. Anything. 

But ... you do what you have to do. 

And you know what I've noticed? My house is starting to look amazing! All of this extra "at-home" time has been split between playing extra hard with the kids, and cleaning different parts of the house extra hard. 

I've been trying to start following The Fly Lady's daily emails to get me back into a cleaning routine ... and I think they've sort of rubbed some "non-pregnant nesting" magic onto me. Because the other day, I found it FUN to deep clean the 4th/spare bathroom. Mirror. Floors. Scrubbing every inch of the toilet. Spraying the air. 

And on top of enjoying the cleaning bit ... I'm been making sure that all that hard work isn't wasted. Every time I'm in that room, I enjoy looking around and remembering the hard work. And it makes me do whatever needs to be done while I'm in there to maintain that cleanliness. 

I guess its a good thing that we will have at least another week or so without two fully functioning vehicles at home. 

The rest of the rooms around here could use some major attention, too! 


  1. My best friend has said wonderful things about the Fly Lady program. And for some reason, I felt like scrubbing the bathroom this morning. Keep up the great work!

  2. I love that e-card! We have been thinking about going down to 1 car but it is so much easier with two especially since Emalyn goes to school. Her school is close enough to where we could walk (which I have no issue with) but like this morning for instance it didnt start to rain until we were about to leave the house, so thats a time when the 2nd vehicle comes in handy. If I can get my butt off Swag Bucks I might actually have a clean house today :)