28 August 2013

Totally Kissable

I am loving this new phase L is going through. 

He loves to give kisses -- and will walk up to you, smacking his lips together, just to get your attention and let you know that's what he wants. 

I can finally ask him at bedtime, "Hey ... where's my kiss?" and get one every time I ask! That didn't happen for a LONG time, folks. So even though he's 19 months old, this Mama is excited for all this lovin' lately! 

He kisses everything -- family and friends, his image in the mirror ... and his favorite? The baby pictures of him framed in his room. He has to kiss them goodnight at nap and bedtime, and tell them "Night Night" before the routine is complete. 

So sweet! 

But the other day, that devilish little stinker got the best of me! 

The kids were playing, and wanted me to sit in my chair while they brought me their kitchen wonders to pretend eat. I was in the mood for some sweet baby love, and asked L for a kiss. 

He immediately went to his sister, smacked his lips and got a kiss from her. Then he looked at me out of the corner of his eye, shook his head no, and laughed a little. 

I played it off as a fluke. 

Until it happened again. 

And again. 

And again. 

When M called me a few moments later, I was telling him all about it. L HEARD me say that I was trying to get a kiss from him, and as if to pour salt on an open wound, he RAN to his sister and gave her a smootch. 

A big ole sweet wet kiss. 

One that should have been intended for his Mama. 

And then when he turned to look at me? He gave me the biggest belly laugh and ran away, expecting me to chase him. 

I finally got that little bugger, and squeezed a kiss out of him. But not before he let me know that those kisses only come when HE feels like kissing me.

And not the other way around! 


  1. I can't wait to get kisses from my little one, but shoot...I didn't think about when she won't want to give me one anymore! These little kids are stinkers!

  2. I love Adri kisses so much!! She does the same thing as L!