30 August 2013

Little Miss Meany

Lately, S has found herself in a bit of a mean-streak. 

She's getting to *that* glorious age -- a little sassy and wise, full of attitude, grumpy at times. Huffs and puffs, and expects the world to bow down to her. And downright mean when she wants to be. 

The only problem is ... she's not a hormonal teenager, like that whole description sounds like. She's almost 4. And already embodies a 16 year old girl! 

But the mean spirit is what's really killing me. 

Especially when she takes it out on her younger brother -- who does nothing but love his sister. And want to hug and kiss and play with her. 

So the other night, I had to stiffle a giggle. M caught her being a butthead again towards her brother, and asked her flat-out, "S ... why are you so mean?"

Her response? 

"That's just the way girls are.

I hate to say it ... but the older they get, that tends to be true! 


  1. That's just the way girls are... HAHA! V is pretty mean to her sister, but she has no excuse for it. She just yells more.