19 August 2013

5 for Five

Happy Monday!

Our weekend was nice. Friday afternoon, M got off work early. He brought chocolate with him -- so I knew it would be a good start to the next few days! We all drove to town and got his hair cut and then came home to some of the best steak we've ever cooked. Seriously -- Pioneer Woman's Steak with Blue Cheese Onion sauce ... so good! I will butter my steaks every time, now!

Saturday, we went to the gym early in the morning. The kids got to play with their friends there, and then we took them in the pool. L is turning into a little dare devil, and has no problem trying to venture away from either M or myself on his own for a few moments. S? She's still a little scaredy-cat! With her feet flat on the bottom, her hands on a rail on the side of the pool, and her puddle jumper on, she still manages to squeeze the life out of me if I dare let go!

Sunday was church. We split the kids up this week, and actually put them in their correct nursery rooms. I was a little worried about L, but they whisked him away so quickly to play with the kids that he didn't have time to think about crying or missing us. He played great -- even if he wouldn't respond when they tried to get his attention. It didn't help that they were calling him by the wrong name the whole time!! And S did great in her room -- we were told she made some best friends, answered questions and paid attention during their lesson, and made a craft to bring home! She had a blast and can't wait to go back.

Last week's goals were pretty easy:

1. Finish reading my book
2. Start getting a binder of stuff printed for our at-home preschool
3. Figure out what's wrong with the H3
4. Mail Cards/Pictures to my brothers
5. Have a Date out with M

3/5. Better than last week's 1/5 ... but still could be improved! I didn't finish my book, but I am cruising along when I find a few free minutes during the day. It's still a great, inspriring story!

This week, we need to:

1. Finish reading my book -- this is GOING to happen this week!
2. L's dentist check up
3. Register for this year's MOPs program
4. Paint something to go in a small frame
5. Take the kids to the park

What are your goals this week?


  1. Nothing better than chocolate to start off the weekend. :)

  2. Chocolate and steak? Wow, sounds like an awesome weekend! I'm going to have to try that steak recipe!